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Strainers with large holes (like pasta strainers) don't work well the smaller grains may pass right through into your kefir drink, rendering it gritty andlumpy(and unstorable it will continue to ferment quickly in the fridge).
Hall of Fame running back, Pittsburgh Steelers' Franco Harris stands on the spot of the "Immaculate Reception" after a marker commemorating the 40th anniversary of the play was unveiled where Three Rivers Stadium once stood on the Northside of.
The fugitives locked up 31 other inmates and jumped out with the guards' 9 mm Glock pistols, carjacking a driver who happened to pull up behind them.
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The infamous antics of Bieber mob has been in the news almost as often as he has, raising the bar of celeb mania to new heights.
O'NEIL: (Laughter) It's amazing. The sun came up today.

I was starting to get concerned with all those mad tweets.
Enter Ruben Loftus Cheek. The midfielder was impressive against Villa on Saturday, scoring his first league goal in professional football.

The generosity of the hosting defence almost precipitated another.
This means that you are only permitted to keep "exempt" property.

The remaining non exempt property will be sold to the highest bidder. The proceeds of the sale are applied to the outstanding debt.

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